Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Can we drink alcohol on the bus?

Absolutely! As long as you are 21 or over, you are more than welcome to drink alcohol on the vehicles!

Do you provide alcohol?

No, we are unable to provide you with alcohol. But, as stated above, you are welcome to drink, so just bring whatever you'd like with you!

Can we smoke cigarettes on the bus?

We have a no smoking policy on our vehicles in order to ensure they smell clean and fresh for all of our future customers. If you find yourself in need of a smoke break, just let your driver know!

Are there restrooms on board?

We do not offer restrooms on our vehicles to maintain a fresh environment. However, we'll stop whenever you need to!

What happens if we get lost?

You won't! Our drivers always come equipped with a GPS for your convenience.

Are your vehicles safe?

Of course! The safety of our guests is one of our top priorities.

Can I plug in my iPod or MP3 player?

Yes! Not only do our vehicles all have outstanding sound systems, you are able to play CDs or hook up your iPod or MP3 player to enjoy all your favorite music! You can even bring DVDs to watch on the large TVs!

How much does it cost?

Cost of rentals vary depending on several factors, like the size of the vehicle, the day of the week, whether it's a daytime or evening rental, etc. For exact pricing for your event, just give us a call and our agents will be happy to help!

I'm traveling to Michigan, do you service there?

We're happy to pair you up with a fantastic service in the state of Michigan like, who can help whether you're heading to the west side of the state or over to the Detroit area.